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DTG - Direct to Garment Digital Printing

DTG - Direct to Garment Digital Printing

What is DTG?

DTG printing is a process whereby the image is directly digitally printed on to the fabric. Much like how your average inkjet printer prints on to paper. With the DTG process, we can print full color images making it a quicker process for smaller runs. This type of process is really great for one off events, small quantity orders with tight budgets etc.

What's NOT cool with Other DTG Print providers?

You will find with majority of other DTG print providers that they have limitations to the quality of the print.

This is because:

  • They use Epson based printers that have been converted to print on to garments/fabrics. The machine is not designed for this purpose so the quality and speed of printing is not to “commercial” standard.
  • The software and inks do not provide for bright pigmentation printing. Especially on white garments, most people will notice that the result is dull/faded. This is because the viscosity of the inks in these Epson & Other based systems are quite runny/thin so they tend to bleed as soon as the ink droplet hits the garment causing the print to look faded/dull.
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So what does all this mean?

Well the NO.1 issue these print providers have is the WASHABILITY of the print! If you or someone you know has had their designs printed digitally, they may have looked great when you picked them up, but the print may have faded after the FIRST WASH!!!! If it did, chances are it was printed on a non-purpose built DTG machine. We know how you/your friends feel!

Why our DTG Technology is Awesome!

We have invested in the top of the range purpose built COMMERCIAL GRADE Direct to Garment Digital Printing Machine. This means: We can provide you with vibrant prints on Light and Dark colored Tees.

Advantages of DTG

  • Great for small runs, quantities under 100 units (we can cater for larger quantities if needed)
  • Full color printing on WHITE & DARK GARMENTS!!!!
  • Quick turn around
  • Screen printing grade washability
  • Doesn’t crack or peel
  • Stretchable

Disadvantages of DTG

  • Not suitable for cool, dry or coarse fabric garments
  • ONLY suitable for cotton based garments (i.e. cotton tees, hoodies)
  • Cannot match exactly to Pantone PMS colors
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